The Archaeological Museum in Chania

  • Exhibit in Archeological Museum of Chania
Open to the public: 08:00 - 15:00 daily (winter timetable)
Entrance fee: Adults 4 €, over 65 2 €. Below 18 years of age and students free of charge.
Toilet Facilities: Available
Café: Available
Wi-Fi: Available
Parking space: Available for all kinds of vehicles
Facilities for people with disabilities: Available
Supervised by: Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports
Access & walking difficulty: Difficulty rating 1

The archaeological collection of Chania prefecture has been hosted in an impressive building of the Venetian era since 1962. It used to be a catholic church of the early 17th century. Finds from Chania town along with various archaeological sites in Chania prefecture are exhibited in chronological order demonstrating the incessant habitation in West Crete from the Neolithic to the Roman years.

Pottery and stone tools from the Neolithic caves, the first tokens of writing, seals of the Minoan era, sarcophagi and ornamental items of the same period and the Mycenaean years start off the exhibition in an exquisite interior. The exhibition continues with superb votive items to shrines and tombs, coins and pottery of the classical years and concludes with picturesque mosaics of the Roman years. The Mitsotaki private collection rounds up the exhibition including the only prehistoric depiction of Minotaur on a seal. The toilets are situated in a cozy garden near the Venetian remnants of the Chania Archaeological collection.

Explore Chania’s past A Cretan Odyssey


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