Loggia, Heraklion

Loggia is situated in the center of Heraklion, nearby St Marcus Basilica and the Lions fountain. It is a very elegant building, one of the most picturesque monuments of Venetian architecture on Crete. The Loggia that survived till our days was built in 1626-28 by Francesco Morosini, the same man who built the Lion fountain. It was the last (fourth) Loggia built in Heraklion during the Venetian years on Crete. It was meant to be a public building for the aristocrats, Lords and Shires to confer and reach decisions on financial and commercial matters. Additionally, it was a place they used for their entertainment. Its architecture combines dexterously the Dorian style - on the ground floor - and the Ionian style - on the first floor. Morphologically, it seems to imitate the Basilica of Palladio in Vicenza.

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It is the biggest in size Minoan Palace of Crete, and lots of its architectural features were copied in the rest of the Minoan Palaces.


Minoan Palace in Archanes

It is situated 16km to the southeast of Heraklion, in Archanes town, a suburb called “tourkogitonia” (Turkish neighbourhood).


Agios Minas, Heraklion

The first chapel of Agios Minas, the small Agios Minas as the locals call it, was built in 1735 and hosted -for the first time after the Turkish occupation - the Cretan cathedral.


Souda Bay WWII Cemetery

The Commonwealth War cemetery lies 5 km to the east of Chania, by the old village of Souda, hosting 1527 graves of British, Australian and New Zealanders soldiers and officers.


———Magical Crete: The Garden of Antiquity

Magical Crete: The Garden of Antiquity
by Aline Dobbie on April 10, 2017

Organized by “Tourist Guides of Crete”, Travel Agency


Crete had ‘called’ to me yet again after my recent autumnal visit and when we arrived to spring sunshine and warmth, the blossom on trees and the calls of birdsong and the buzz of the bees it was a superb feeling.

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