Imbros Village

Distance 55km south-east of Hania

The village of Imbros is located exactly at the center of the small homonymous plateau, 55km south-east of Chania at a height of 780m. The village has 55 residents who are mainly occupied with livestock rearing. In winter, many of them move down to the villages of Vraskas, Vouvas and Komitades in the south coastal area and return in spring.

Through here, all the Allied soldiers passed in May 1941, heading for Hora Sfakion for the embarkation there on the ships, which would get them away to Alexandria and all the area around the church and the village cemetery was used as an outdoor hospital for the care of the wounded.

In winter, all the area is covered in snow. The village comes alive again in summer with all the walkers who start from there to go through the Imbros Gorge. There are some eating-places and cafeterias and apart from all the wonderful dairy produce, there are many walnut trees.

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